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27 Feb 2021

5 Myths of Self Storage

Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

The self storage industry has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and it is a great way to store your items in a safe and secure environment. But self storage also has myths that surround it, which can be confusing for some people who are taking their first steps in the industry and looking into self-storage as an option. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 self storage myths and debunk them one by one!

Myth 1) Self Storage Is Expensive

This is a pretty loaded myth, this is because expensive to one person is not expensive for another. The self storage industry is mostly unregulated, which means that self-storage prices can vary greatly. Self storage pricing consists of three main components: the property's monthly rent or lease rate, insurance rates and taxes due to the government on revenue. Not forgetting the actual size of the unit will differ in price as well as if the unit is climate controlled, self-locking with video surveillance, or a mini storage unit.

Myth Busted! Storage unit rental price will be different depending on where you live, since self storage prices are usually based on the local market. Moreover, unit sizes will make the price differ, as well as the type of unit.

Myth 2) You Have to Sign a Long Term Contract

A self-storage unit is typically rented on a month to month basis. However, some self-storage facilities have contracts that can range from six months up to two years. The contract will usually dictate what type of insurance and taxes you'll be paying as well as the monthly rent or lease rate for your property.

Myth Busted! Some people think that self storage only caters to those with a long term need for it, but in fact they can be rented as short or mid-term solutions too. That's why self storage is so popular, because of the flexibility it offers.

Myth 3) You Can't Access Your Items 24/7

A lot of people will assume that you can only access your self storage unit in business hours, but that's not the case. Many self storage facilities offer an after hours self storage service that allows people to access their units when the business is closed.

Myth Busted! Most self storage facilities offer 24/hour self-storage access, which means you can access your property any time of day or night, usually by being sent an activation code for the gates. However, do check with the self storage facility that they do offer this service.

Myth 4) You Won't Know What's Going on With Your Stuff at All Times

Many self storage facilities offer live cameras so that you can monitor what's happening at your self-storage unit. In addition, many self storage companies now have the ability to send an alert when a security breach takes place on site such as someone attempting to break in.

Myth Busted! There are plenty of self storage facilities who offer surveillance footage where you can see what's going on with your self storage unit at all times.

Myth 5) The Quality of the Units Isn't Good Enough

Everyone wants self-storage units to be new and shiny. But self storage companies are always upgrading facilities, changing layouts, adding amenities, etc., so the self storage unit you are renting today will probably look different tomorrow.

Myth Busted! Due to self storage companies wanting to be better than their competition, usually the quality of the self storage facility is excellent with constant upgrades that make your self storage experience better over time.

Final thoughts

There are many myths which are associated with self storage. The myths that we have debunked today should help to alleviate some of your concerns about self storage in general and when considering which company to choose.