The Radius+ team continues to strengthen national coverage for pricing data.

We understand that tracking facility rates is important to you, which is why we’re committed to delivering you every facility in the country.

Did you know there are nearly 50k self storage facilities across the country? Only half have web-based pricing and over 10k don’t even have a website. Does that make tracking them challenging? Sure. Impossible? Not at all.

Let’s take a peek under the hood. 🏎

The Data

Every single day Radius+ is tracking more and more facilities with web-based pricing, inching towards a complete master catalog. We categorize across 40 different features and all unit-size dimensions so that our clients can analyze the data programmatically in granular detail filtered to their exact needs.

One important distinction is that we track the operator’s website specifically, not sourcing from aggregators. This allows us to field data straight from the source, alleviating lag time and inaccuracies. If we are missing your site, not to worry - simply send us the URL in the chat box on our homepage and we’ll have it tracked within 48 hours.

The Products

  • Radius: Analyze rate trends, averages, highs, lows, and last-price data right at the micro market. Detailed visualizations are geared towards site selection analysis as well as dynamic rate setting.
  • Chrome Extension: Use this tool with any web based property management software. Simply highlight your address and competitive comps are displayed within your property management software. Save your locations and comp set for frequent use.
  • Raw Data: We deliver this data programmatically on a daily basis for use in your proprietary revenue management or site selection platform.

Connect with Tao today to learn just how important pricing data visibility can be for your facility.

Inside the Radius+ pricing dashboard.
Inside the Radius+ pricing dashboard.