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03 Feb 2021

Spartan Investment Group Launches New Storage Brand Identity


John Egan

Freelance Writer & Editor
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Originally published on Sparefoot.com.

As Spartan Investment Group continues to expand its self-storage portfolio, it’s putting all of its facilities under the same brand umbrella.

The Golden, CO-based company is rebranding 10 of its 12 current self-storage facilities as FreeUP Storage, and it will brand future self-storage acquisitions under the same name. In September, Spartan filed to trademark the name FreeUP Storage.

“Once we started buying facilities quarterly and monthly, it became a huge hassle to create a new brand every time, so we decided it was time to create a national brand so that each facility was consistent across our portfolio,” said Lauren Brychell, marketing and investor relations associate at Spartan. “We wanted to roll out brand standards for our self-storage facilities across the board so that no matter if someone came to a Georgia location or one in Texas, they would be getting the same top-notch experience.”

Until now, each facility in Spartan’s portfolio has operated under a separate brand name, such as Devonshire Self-Storage in Denver, CO, and Black Diamond Self-Storage in Black Diamond, WA.

The rebranding includes an updated color scheme, new signage and refreshed office designs.

“It’s great to see … the excitement around the rollout of our national storage flag. It will elevate our standards and provide a level of consistency across our portfolio,” Ryan Gibson, Spartan’s chief investment officer, said in a news release.

Spartan, founded in 2013, owns and operates self-storage facilities and RV parks in Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Texas and Washington. In December, Spartan raised $10 million for two acquisitions.

Author: John Egan

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