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27 Jul 2020

Vermin-Proof Your Self Storage Facility: Best Ways to Keep Animals Out

Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

Self storage customers are willing to pay for a safe place to store their items. They expect their belongings to be protected from vermin while they're in your storage facility. This blog will outline the best practices to keep vermin out of your self storage units without breaking the bank.

Keep your storage facility clean

This first one is pretty basic, and easy to do. Keeping your self storage facility clean in general will deter vermin from coming in. Make sure your storage facility is clean by sweeping and mopping the floors regularly, using cleaning chemicals or pest control products on other surfaces that may attract rodents like appliances, food containers, etc., and keep any garbage bags securely closed to avoid attracting pests with strong smells of food scraps. Remove garbage bags as soon as you can, and keep them as far from the units as possible.

Clean up after yourself

Similar to the first point and another pretty basic one to follow, anything that might attract vermin to your self storage facility should be eliminated. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or clothes lying around will only serve as a temptation for pests (and stink). Keep food away from storage units. Eating and cooking inside self storage units is never advisable - it can lead to bacteria buildup which attracts vermin and unwanted pests and is generally just gross!

Use traps to keep rodents away from the building

Placing traps around self storage units to capture mice and rats is a great way to keep them away from your storage facility. Traps can be both humane and inhumane. Inhumane traps are designed to kill the mouse or rat immediately. These types of traps can be dangerous and should not be used by people who have a fear of rodents, as they often witness the animal's death first hand. Humane traps will instead trap the rodent alive; in order to release it from its captivity you will need to release it to an area where it will not come into contact with other rodents. Neither have to cost a fortune.

Seal any holes or cracks that might let animals in

Ensuring that all units are tightly sealed will substantially decrease the chances of pests or vermin entering the facility. Completing regular checks of all units will help you to identify any areas of potential entry.

Eliminate hiding places for pests

One of the most forgotten about hiding places for animals is long grass. keeping your lawn neatly trimmed will reduce the amount of hiding places for vermin in general. Grass should always be kept short, so that rodents can't burrow under it and hide within it.

Add an automated water sprinkler system

I know at the start of this blog I implied that we will talk about practices which will not break the bank, but in this occasion it was hard not to mention a water sprinkler system. A sprinkler system will keep animals and rats at bay while also allowing you to utilise rainwater and minimise your reliance on water suppliers. Sprinklers work by soaking the ground around your facility with constantly flowing water which rats find uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

3 quick tips you can give to customers -

Final thoughts

This blog discussed the best ways to keep vermin out of a self storage facility, with methods that are not expensive or time-consuming for self storage operators. But are effective and will keep your self storage users happy with a vermin and rodent free area.