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Marc Goodin

As a young engineer Marc designed and permitted his first self storage facility more than 25 years ago. Since then he has successfully designed and provided self storage consulting for dozens of self storage owners. He built his first self storage over 10 years ago and presently owns three self storage facilities he designed, built and manages. Marc is a licensed Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Civil Engineering. As owner and managing partner at Meehan & Goodin PC for over 20 years, he was responsible for planning, investigations, designs and contract administration for major national and local commercial clients ranging from Dunkin Donuts to Wal-Mart. Marc earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering (1981) from Colorado State University.nMarc has written two bestselling self storage books, one on self storage development (Your Self Storage, Site Selection, Design & Construction) and one on self storage marketing (Crush your Competition, 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips for The Fastest Way To Huge Profits). Marc has put his experiences from the trenches into the Storage Authority Franchise with easy to use systems and proven concepts for self storage owners, managers to provide the best self storage for the renters.