Constant struggle for time

Successful management of a self storage facility is a constant struggle for control over time. Without a good system, managers are at the mercy of external events, and things fall through the cracks day-after-day. The things that don't get done are often the things that are most important to the business, like staff recruiting, team development, and long term business development. When these things don't happen, it creates a heavier burden on the manager, and that makes the manager's struggle over time even worse. It becomes an ever-devolving cycle that hurts the business, the manager, and all members of the team. And with new technology increasing the pace of communication and companies looking for more ways to streamline resources, the problem will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

There is a solution.

Managers must have a structured system for how they proactively take control over their time. One 18-minute video can be the difference, and it's posted below! The concepts in this video will help self storage managers prioritize their responsibilities and organize their days and weeks to maximize their effectiveness and minimize their level of stress.

Please give this video a try, and forward the link to anybody in your network who will benefit from having a better time management system. Investing just 18 minutes can be a life changing decision for a hard-working, well-intentioned self storage manager.

Jon Dario

In his role as an executive at Edison Properties, Jon is responsible for operations at Manhattan Mini Storage, the leading self storage company in New York City. In addition, he runs his own consulting business, The Retail Management Formula, LLC, a company dedicated to helping managers become more effective leaders. Jon has over thirty years of leadership experience in all types of retail businesses, including traditional retail, financial services retail, and retail self-storage. He is the author of three books on management skills, and he has produced multiple online training videos on the subjects of management and leadership. Jon currently serves as the chairman of the New York Self Storage Association, serves on the board for the national Self Storage Association Large Owners’ Council, and serves as a member of the faculty for the Self Storage Association Valuation & Acquisition course.