Search engine optimization is a must to come up in search results above competitors. A brand’s online presence can help push past the competition. If you are lacking in a few key areas, you will get lost in the results. As a facility owner, you strive for rentals and occupancy. A few tactics to reach those goals in 2019 include, structured data strategies, customer reviews, and consistency in business listings.

All Around Structure

With over 200 ranking factors that Google considers, there are a few must-haves for 2019. Structured data and schema have become more relevant because of voice search increasing among users. Google works hard to understand the content and details of a website, but by adding structured data it will classify the details for Google. This helps Google display the right websites to match the users needs. Structured data can also be displayed in a top featured snippet, which draws in the user's eye as quick and easy to read information.

All About the Stars

Google’s goal is to help the customer find what they are looking for.

"Reviews will add to online presence and help customers make decisions about if they want to rent at your facility."

Reviews are a quick one-minute request after renting a unit that will help your brand in a big way. No matter positive or negative, respond to all reviews and thank reviewers for their feedback. This shows future customers how important feedback is and the willingness to resolve any negative feedback. “63 percent say that a business has never responded to their review,” - go that extra mile and show them you care.

All About Consistency

NAP- Name, address, and phone number. These are important key ways of identifying and contacting a facility. How frustrating is it calling a business and the number is disconnected? Or arriving at the office only to find out they moved. If a customer cannot trust a facilities’ basic information, how will they trust their business? Updating and keeping consistent listings for a company is extremely relevant in the trust Google will have for a business. There are a large number of business registries and directory sites to submit your business information to. The more consistent local citations a business has, the better profile it builds for your overall presence.

These are just a few key items to take into consideration while building and keeping your online presence. Don’t wait, take action in reaching your goals and push past competition.

Jennifer Winston

Jennifer Winston is the Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist at The Storage Group based out of Orlando, Florida. The Storage Group is the premier provider of websites, SEO, Online Rentals, and Pay-Per-Click advertising and more for the self storage industry. Jennifer has worked in the storage industry for over 4 years, and is Google My Business and Google Adwords Certified.