Bargold Storage Systems kicked off business in 1985 in the New York City borough of Queens, beginning as a small self storage operator before shifting strategies and growing rapidly throughout the years.

What better city to be involved in storage than New York?

The city of New York is flooded with residents who continuously outgrow their tiny apartments, leading to high demand for on-site and convenient storage solutions. With this premise in mind, Bargold focused their efforts within apartment basements and transformed unkempt and mildewy spaces into functioning storage space. From a building owner's perspective, the Bargold model is a dream, as they will take their underused space and transform it into a money-generating storage operation. Beyond installation of the physical storage units, Bargold will also handle maintenance, cleaning, painting, lighting, as well as marketing to residents and all of the finances. In exchange for the space, they provide the building with a 25% commission on each unit's monthly rental income.

Last spring, Radius+ had a chance to catch up with Joshua Goldman, President at Bargold who gave us a rundown of their operation.


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