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10 Jun 2022

Community Cultivations #2 - Working Smarter, Not Harder & The Myth Of Verification


Danny Freeman

Union Realtime

It’s the month before you’ve got a shiny new announcement coming out or before you’re about to launch your latest product, you’re sat wondering how to make the best impact and attract the most online attention to the new release, so in your haste you overcomplicate things with an in-depth ten step seemingly faultless marketing and promotional plan - ditch the plan, it’s time to make life easier, for yourself and everyone else.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

One of the biggest mistakes that we see brands making when it comes to their social media promotion tactics is when they create several steps for a potential consumer to follow, when one would suffice. The bottom line here is that when people are scrolling through their socials, either on their phones or on a PC, people are lazy - so knowing that, you want to give them the minimum number of steps to get the result that you want as humanly possible.

For instance, if you’re posting a new piece of content or an update on your grid on Instagram, instead of posting something like “go check out our latest post” on your story and hoping that will entice people to go and check it out - literally re-post/share the grid post itself to your story - then you maximize the chances that people will see it.

Yes, you may find that there will be a few people who have already seen the grid post and are irritated by then seeing it again on your story, but honestly, if that’s the mechanism that causes anybody to unfollow or leave their support of your brand, then they weren’t ever truly fully supporting or advocating it anyway - if your goal is for as many people to view that post as possible, then sharing it directly to your story is the best way of doing this, hands down.

Another example - let’s say you’re creating a new video for TikTok or Instagram and you want to create a captivating and authentic piece of content - you do not want to overcomplicate it. The most important factors are that you keep the content on-brand (true to your company ethos/vibe), crystal clear and concise. When it comes to short form content, there’s no need to overly script it or create a storyboard, sometimes a simple raw ten second video update will do the trick ten times better than a minute long video with background music and all the bells and whistles attached - there’s no need to create more work for yourself than is strictly necessary, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and your time is better invested elsewhere.

The Myth Of Verification

That coveted and elusive blue tick, we see it everywhere, all the time on every social media platform. Celebrities have it, heads of industry have it, media figures have it, even businesses and brands have it - but what does having it actually mean? Well, first off, it’s important to understand that whilst getting one does come with some perks, it is not the answer to your social media prayers. In order to determine what it really is, you first need to understand what it isn’t.

For starters, to the best of my knowledge it does close to nothing to boost your content engagement, so if you’re on average seeing between 30-50 likes on your posts and hoping that getting a tick will suddenly wave a magic wand causing you to start seeing 100+ likes on every post, then you’re in for a very rude awakening.

If you’re hoping that your follower count is suddenly going to shoot up by the thousands overnight, you can also forget that - that is not going to happen. Will all your current followers see that you have a shiny new blue tick on your profile? Yes! Will that suddenly cause a rapid influx of new arrivals on your account? No! Why would it?

However, if you’re looking to boost your brand’s public credibility and sense of reliability, that little tick can make all the difference - as here it tells the audience/viewer that your brand is a voice of authority and that Instagram has agreed that it is credible and worthy of notability. This is the standpoint that may increase your follower count, but make no mistake it will still be a slow burn rather than a rapid burst.

Verification will also give you a head-start when it comes to messaging other members of the ‘blue tick club’ (other notable accounts with verification), putting your DM ahead of others in the queue without one and meaning you can effortlessly reach out to and communicate with other notable figures, influencers and brands within your space to collaborate, form partnerships and more.

Finally, it is also a known fact that verified accounts, even those below the 10K range are quite often given brand partnerships and endorsements, more regularly than their tick-less counterparts, so if you’re looking to hit the fast forward button on forming some of those business relationships, verification can definitely help you open doors in this area - you will often find that the process of reaching out to other brands and making requests as a ‘blue tick account’ will end in success more often than it will not.

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