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13 Aug 2019

Get the Picture: Taking the Best Photos for Your Online Auction

Madison Martin

Marketing and Copywriting Specialist

Taking the Best Pictures for the Best Online Storage Auctions

Now that you’ve gotten the locks cut and lien letters sent, it’s time to take the photos for your online auction. As opposed to live auctions, in an online storage auction the pictures you take of your units are of the utmost importance to your auction’s success.

Since online auctions are conducted over the internet, potential bidders will not have the opportunity to go to your facility and see the unit themselves. While this may save you the hassle and stress of a live auction, it’s up to you to provide the best pictures for your potential bidders.

StorageAuctions.com and RadiusPlus.com teamed up to give you tips for your online storage auction images, and general photography tips (respectively) to ensure you produce the most engagement with every-one of your online storage auction postings.

Storage Auction Photography Tips

When gathering pictures for your online storage auction, there are a few tips and tricks to optimize the amount of bidders viewing and bidding on your facility’s units. We suggest for each unit you are putting up for auction:

General Photography Tips

Notes for Smartphone shooters:


Throttling Your Online Auction to Success

So you’ve gotten killer photos, and you’re ready to upload your online storage auction to StorageAuctions.com. There are still some final details you could tweak to make sure your storage facility’s auction pulls in the optimal results.

For instance, when uploading your photos, be sure to pick a fantastic thumbnail image. A thumbnail image is the first picture a potential bidder will see and what he/she needs to click on to bid on your unit. Because of this, you’ll really want to hook a bidder in with something interesting. Perhaps this unit has a giant toolbox, it contains a designer handbag, or even a valuable antique – these all make fantastic thumbnail images.

The rotation of your photos also can affect the potential of your storage facility’s auction. Be sure all your pictures are rotated correctly, otherwise you could be making your units a lot harder to view. This could even lead to bidders possibly missing out on some of the hidden treasures in your lockers up for auction.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be a photo master in no time!