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25 Feb 2019

How to Use Google to Increase Your Rankings Organically


Laura Gattis

Marketing Specialist

If you haven’t been tuned into the world of Google services lately, you may not have realized that Google announced the closure of Google+. Much of their attention has since shifted from Google+ to Google My Business, and as a result, GMB features have been growing exponentially.

Google My Business (GMB) is essentially a dashboard your business can utilize to manage its Google presence on maps, search results, and more. This allows you to have FAQ’s, hours, and addresses easily available to potential tenants of your self storage facility. If your facility isn’t taking advantage of a GMB page, you could be missing out on opportunities to drive revenue growth and increase occupancy.

Once you have claimed your business’s page, the first step is to update any incorrect hours, locations, or contact information. Upload a few photos of your facility and set aside some time to learn your page and take advantage of everything it offers.

Review Management

Millions of reviews are left every year on GMB pages, so knowing to manage your reviews can be a crucial step. When you receive a positive review, reply and thank them for their business. If you receive a negative review, reply and drive the conversation offline. Always acknowledge the bad reviews, explain that you are sorry, and ask them to contact you via email or phone to help solve the issue. Oftentimes, making a customer simply feel heard can be the biggest step in retaining business, and potential customers who see that interaction on your Google My Business page will appreciate that your team values feedback.

"56% of Google My Business pages haven’t been claimed, so simply by being active, you will shine above other local facilities."

Potential tenants want to see that the facility protecting their belongings is aware of what’s happening with their facility, and replying to reviews and questions will demonstrate that.

What should a complete GMB page include?

A complete GMB page should include your hours and address, but also several FAQ questions and answers. What questions do your employees answer most frequently? Talk about how you have climate control, 24/7 security, or any other features that make your facility stand out. Take these and turn them into “frequently asked questions” on your page.

Stay active. Google My Business allows businesses to post on their pages, similar to a social media channel. Through that, you can advertise sales, important information, or products. It’s important to note that after seven days, your post will disappear from the page, so staying active and posting once a week is an important step.

Google also has an area for you to write a 750 word business description. Make this description, and have someone check it for any errors. Seriously. This is the description that Alexa, Siri, and other voice search products will read to potential tenants after a voice search leads them to your facility, so it’s your first impression, and it should be strong.

"Google has more than 73% of all internet searches, and taking advantage of these features will help drive your facility upward in Google search results."

Google rewards businesses that take advantage of Google products, so use this as an opportunity to show Google that you are loyal. While you may not see an immediate change in results, long term use of GMB will help increase your rankings organically, so that people searching for facilities in your area see your business before your competition.

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