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So, Whats Is This Thing?

After extensive real-world testing, PICA Product Development (PPD) is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its first Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring device, the Skyhawk Kiwi. The Kiwi is designed to monitor assets and locations where power and Wi-Fi are not readily available. It also provides robust monitoring independent of local internet connections and power that are subject to interruption. Skyhawk's products are enabled by a revolutionary new LTE cellular technology combined with ultra-low power semiconductor technology and proprietary design techniques. The combination enables compact battery-operated devices capable of long-term deployment for the real-time monitoring of assets in remote locations. What was previously impractical or impossible to monitor is now possible with the Skyhawk Kiwi.

Skyhawk Kiwi Video
Skyhawk Kiwi Video

The Skyhawk Kiwi can be deployed and activated in minutes from the Skyhawk Kiwi mobile app. It requires no local network configuration. The Kiwi is fully weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor use. It has numerous monitoring applications including mailboxes, sheds, self storage locations, safes, cabinets with sensitive material, marine assets, contractor assets, trailers, vehicles, animal traps, remote structures, and virtually any asset within the cellular signal coverage area. The applications are endless using the ubiquitous coverage of cellular signals.

Skyhawk devices also support custom integration into existing deployed enterprise business software via our API solutions. The Skyhawk Kiwi Kickstarter 30-day campaign is now live and offering discounted pricing and exclusive rewards to early supporters of this revolutionary but extensively tested and proven IoT monitoring technology. To view the Skyhawk Kickstarter campaign, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/skyhawk/skyhawk-kiwitm-monitor-what-was-previously-impossible.

Application In Self Storage

Allowing a self storage tenant an extra level of peace-of-mind security for their posessions could easily help to provide reassurance to a happy customer. But is it necessary? Well that's another question entirely. Self storage security has been a buzzing topic of conversation as well as a focus for technological development for many years. Local media outlets frequently publish stories of facility break-ins, potentially deterring probable customers from becoming a self storage customer. Is Skyhawk on to something by providing this extra security cushion? Should facility owners steer into the conversation by selling the product in storage lobbies next to the Master locks? Maybe we'll just need to wait and see.

About Skyhawk

Skyhawk, a product line of PICA Product Development, utilizes LTE Cat M1 and similar Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) mobile telecommunications technology to support our leading edge IoT monitoring devices. All Skyhawk devices are engineered for ultra-long battery life, creating a "best-in-class" product line designed to be deployed in locations that do not offer easily accessible power or internet connections.

During its 25-year history, PICA has helped bring various innovative products to market including handheld barcode readers, smart phones and high-speed switching stations for the build out of optical networks. With our extensive design and world-wide manufacturing resources, we are poised to be a leader in the burgeoning IoT revolution that will permit the cost effective and ultra-reliable monitoring of places and things, that were previously not possible.

To view the Skyhawk Kiwi campaign on Kickstarter, please visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/skyhawk/skyhawk-kiwitm-monitor-what-was-previously-impossible.

For more information about Skyhawk, please visit www.sky-hawk.com.

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