Everybody likes to be liked. But, effective leaders know and accept that they might sometimes be lonely at work. They resist the strong temptation to be universally liked. Leaders who try to please everybody end up pleasing nobody.

Effective leaders know that the job is not about friendship but rather about getting stuff done.

Effective leaders know they must:

  • sometimes give people feedback they don't want to hear
  • sometimes go against the crowd and do what is right
  • always hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior
  • sometimes make tough choices that will leave people angry
  • sometimes tell people "no"
  • sometimes say unpopular things
  • sometimes not tell a joke which is sure to get a laugh
  • always stay out of the rumor and gossip business

If these things are done with fairness and respect for others, the high regard earned will more than offset the loneliness of being an effective leader. And the results will be evident in a well-run business and a well-led team.

Jon Dario

In his role as an executive at Edison Properties, Jon is responsible for operations at Manhattan Mini Storage, the leading self storage company in New York City. In addition, he runs his own consulting business, The Retail Management Formula, LLC, a company dedicated to helping managers become more effective leaders. Jon has over thirty years of leadership experience in all types of retail businesses, including traditional retail, financial services retail, and retail self-storage. He is the author of three books on management skills, and he has produced multiple online training videos on the subjects of management and leadership. Jon currently serves as the chairman of the New York Self Storage Association, serves on the board for the national Self Storage Association Large Owners’ Council, and serves as a member of the faculty for the Self Storage Association Valuation & Acquisition course.