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14 May 2020

MakeSpace Expanded Into Linear TV. Then COVID-19 Happened.


Sarah Sluis

Senior Editor

The six-year-old storage company MakeSpace had plans to go beyond digital marketing and run its first linear TV ads this March.

And then the coronavirus pandemic happened.

So shortly after starting its linear TV ads, MakeSpace put its plans on hold.

“We're going to completely pause after this week until we can work through the current surge and get a better sense of coming demand,” said MakeSpace VP of brand Matthew O’Dowd.

Storage – an essential business allowed to run during a lockdown – is in hot demand right now. Schools and businesses have closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, and people need a place to hold items during a time of uncertainty.

This high demand means MakeSpace, which offers concierge pickup and delivery in 24 US markets, doesn’t want to run ads where its storage service is already overburdened.

The company also wants to rethink its messaging. Its original creative poking fun at Marie Kondo-type downsizers who throw out beloved items doesn’t feel quite right in the current climate.

“While we love our new campaign and the response has been really positive, there are more pressing concerns at the moment than the crisis of space,” O’Dowd said.

When MakeSpace will reenter the linear TV market remains to be seen.

“We're very much looking forward to getting it back out there as soon as we get through all of this,” O’Dowd said.

Originally published in AdExchanger

Thumbnail: Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

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