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02 Oct 2020

Norway's Flexistore Simplifies Self Storage with Brilliant Animation


Jonathan Eakin

Cheif Creative Officer

Even well before the global pandemic struck, self storage companies were closing in on advanced technologies that would enable their users to complete the entire self storage process with minimal human social and physical contact.

Since then, the pandemic has merely accelerated technological adoptions which have allowed more and more storage facilities to achieve contactless processes.

Next step? Relaying that technology to your customers.

The seemingly simple communication barrier between technology adoption and customer application can often be a bit more challenging than one might think. What is the point in developing tech that makes your customer journey simpler, if the use of that tech becomes lost to the customer?

Norway's Flexistore Minilager unveiled a stunning ad this past summer that uses animation to simply explain their company's self storage platform. Is their brand's storage concept ground breakingly new? No, but their communication is visually appealing and better yet, clean.

Watch the ad above, or visit their YouTube page [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nin81I1i43U).

Flexistore claims to the [Norway's] frist 'digitalized self storage,' with a seamless storage process that can me managed entirely from your mobile device.

Is the self storage tech impressive? Yes. Is the animation that explains the tech impressive? YES. Well done.

Sources: Flexistore, YouTube. Thumbnail: YouTube

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