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08 Apr 2021

Peer-to-Peer Self Storage Operator Stache Expands to New Markets


Stache, a company growing the sharing economy, is expanding its storage marketplace to Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, and the Chapel Hill-Durham communities, building out its business in the Southeast region.

Self storage units are heavily used, with one in 10 American families renting space every year. Stache provides an alternative where people can share their excess space with others, make some extra cash, and keep money in local communities. The company also has a socially driven mission, donating ten percent of all revenues to non-profit organizations.

Just like Airbnb changed travel and Uber changed how we get from place to place, Stache is changing the way we store some of our valuable things. Currently offering its services in 38 states, Stache connects people who need storage space with those who have extra room in their garage, home, or carport, providing a more affordable option right in their neighborhoods. Customers save 30% to 50% when they use Stache rather than a traditional storage unit. Hosting on Stache is a side hustle that requires very little effort. The average Stache host makes between $4,000 to $6,000 per year with some people bringing in close to $30,000 a year.

“Storage is a $40 billion per year industry. Stache’s main goal is to keep that money in the community. Unlike the major national storage brands, we are focused on local people and relationships,” said Mike Anderson, founder and CEO of Stache. “People often are very uncomfortable about the idea of walking down dimly lit rows of public storage units. We remove that concern. With our peer-to-peer storage platform, people can find a safer and more affordable way to store their important things, and homeowners can make additional income off of their unused space and property. Our hosts might use the income to pay down their mortgage, put it toward their monthly utility bills, or build their savings. The options are endless.”

In addition, Stache is focused on being a true local partner by ensuring that money spent on the platform helps fund community causes. Ten percent of the company’s proceeds are donated back to a broad range of charities selected by users. Some of Stache’s nonprofit partners include Dreams and Wishes, Service2School, RaiseRed, Special Olympics Kentucky and Special Olympics Washington. Stache has donated tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofits since its founding in 2017.

“Similar to Bombas and Toms Shoes, philanthropy is a guiding principle of our company,” Anderson added. “We have believed in this since day one.”

“When we first started out, we were finding places for college students to store their dorm furnishings over the summer,” continued Anderson. “All of our profits that year were given back to the sororities who helped us market our platform by making a donation to their favorite charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

To sign up and use Stache, hosts visit the website and list what space they have available. Those needing some extra storage space can register online with information on how much space they need and what they need to store. Renters can also browse local listings and book with hosts, all through the platform.

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