A breakthrough insight from today's episode: self storage industry is... well, huge.


Major cities across the country have experienced the rise of modernized/ younger skewing delivery-storage companies that will take much of the leg work out of your self storage experience. It makes us think just how many storage solutions there are in today's world.

Jonathan catches up with Joseph Woodbury, CEO of Neighbor.com, to chat a bit about how their online storage model varies from traditional or even valet self storage, and how they perceive their share of market within the industry. Are they stealing customers away from a self storage facility? Well, not exactly.

Much of the success of Neighbor.com, and businesses alike, have been a cause of the increased normalcy of the sharing economy. Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb are just examples of what many say is the future of commerce. Is this new consumer behavior adaptable into the traditional self storage framework?

Cory Sylvester jumps into a market update, to highlight the incredibly unique standing of current self storage occupancy across the nation. We are just beginning to hit typical Spring lease-up... but we are hitting it with already unprecedentedly high occupancy rates. What will this mean for the summer?!

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