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01 Jul 2019

Store Space Announce Third Party Management For Self Storage Owners


Store Space Launches Third Party Management for Self Storage Owners

Store Space has officially launched their third-party management division, making their Storage360 platform available to self storage owners. Their newest division provides a cradle to grave management solution throughout the Continental United States. “We are very proud of our latest, forward-thinking technology platform which is a significant upgrade over other options available to storage operators” said Chris Harris, CEO of Store Space. “As data and web rankings become increasingly more important than your physical location or sign out front, owners need an option to turn to other than the REIT’s or non-branded management companies”.

Experience in Success

Store Space is operated by storage industry veterans Chris Harris, Rob Consalvo, and Stephen Sandecki. Together they have 40+ years of cumulative experience in the storage industry and were key stakeholders in over $2 billion in recent storage transactions. Each member of the executive team brings experience in all the key areas that matter - finance, operations, marketing, and technology innovation. “Store Space has brought together the best pieces of two industry success stories; iStorage & Life Storage” said Chris Harris, CEO of Store Space. “Bringing all of us together makes us an unstoppable force in today’s technology focused industry”.

Innovative Operations and Management

“As data and technology continue to dominate our industry, it is important that day to day operations adapt” said Rob Consalvo, President and COO. “This is not the first time our team has developed innovative, operational and technology platforms which makes us uniquely positioned to expand rapidly and differentiate in a highly-competitive space.” Just like race cars can’t win without their drivers, the best technology platforms must be complemented by a world class operational team. Store Space’s value-added third-party management platform is staffed with a highly capable team focused on driving the bottom line.

Technology is the Key to Winning in Our Industry

Storage360 is a proprietary self storage platform developed internally by Store Space. It was designed to provide a new approach to marketing, operations and technology in an industry that is heavily dependent on third party vendors. “By consolidating everything under a single platform we can control every aspect of our business.” said Stephen Sandecki, CMO of Store Space. “Our platform allows us to adapt to changes in our industry faster and makes it easy for us to rapidly embrace new technologies and shifts in marketing strategies”.

Store Space is a self storage operator and third party management company. Located in Winter Garden, FL, the Company currently owns, has under purchase agreement, and/or operates 28 properties in 10 states. The Company fuels growth and value with their experience driven operations, state-of-the-art Storage360 proprietary platform and strategic digital marketing programs.

For more information, visit https://www.storespace.com/ or contact inquiries@storespace.com.

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