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15 Apr 2020

StorQuest Unveils New Mural Denoting the Importance of Healing the Planet


StorQuest Self Storage is pleased to announce their partnership with well-known Los Angeles based street artist, Ruben Rojas, to unveil a 7-story mural with the messaging “Love Me Before I’m Gone” at its Oakland facility facing the 980 freeway, which serves as a reminder for each individual to take action and play a role in helping to protect the environment. Now more than ever.

StorQuest Self Storage is committed to corporate responsibility and doing its part to protect the environment and the local communities it serves. The storage company also plants one tree for every storage rental, with an objective to make the future a brighter and more awesome place to live. The organization has successfully contributed to 15 tree planting projects and over 50,000 trees planted nationwide in the past year.

“This mural is a reminder for all of us to come together to conserve and sustain the beautiful world we all share,” states StorQuest’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Michelle Bakva.

There is no doubt our planet is facing many crises in the present time, but StorQuest acknowledges their civic duty, as well as encourages everyone to participate on their own.

“Change will come when we take responsibility for our actions and when each individual chooses to make their difference in the world. The sum of those choices will shift humanity as a whole and help us heal our planet,” mural artist, Ruben Rojas says. Rojas is known for his infamous love signature showcased in his larger than life murals all throughout Southern California, and now he’s ‘spreading the love’ to the Bay Area community as well.

Let’s make it happen. Spread the word, share the hashtag #RootForTheFuture, and check back often to see our progress toward a more awesome tomorrow.

About StorQuest Self Storage StorQuest Self Storage, owned by The William Warren Group, Inc., owns and operates a thriving network of modern, innovative self storage properties across the United States. Headquartered just steps from the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California, StorQuest is focused on delivering the highest-quality storage solutions backed by the best service in the industry, at an affordable price for all customers.

About Ruben Rojas Ruben works with companies to help businesses give back, enhance workspaces and raise awareness on important issues. Past campaigns include clients such as Toms, Reebok, American Express, & GT’s Kombucha. Ruben is also co-founder of Beautify Earth, a nonprofit dedicated to putting an end to blighted walls and fixtures all over the world by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride.

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