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01 Mar 2022

Tips to create a simplistic and informative website for your self storage facility


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

The website for a self storage company is a great way to showcase the different spaces available and their amenities. It can also provide potential customers with information on pricing, payment options, and even help them decide what size space they need for their belongings. But how important are these sites really? The answer: very! In this blog post we'll examine some of the ways a self storage company can utilise their website to be as effective as possible.

A website is the most important marketing tool for a self storage company. It is usually the fist time a user will be exposed to the company. It's the first impression - everything on it should give users an idea of what they're in for when they come to visit the physical facility.

This blog post will cover why self storage companies need to take their website seriously.

First, let's start with looking at some statistics:

This shows that more people are using their phones for internet research more than ever before, and are dependant on their smartphones, meaning it is of paramount importance that your self storage facility looks good on the web!

Now that we know people have easier access in finding your self storage facility online and that people rely heavily on their smartphones, it's important to make sure they don't go away disappointed.

It can be hard for someone who doesn't know the ins-and-outs of self storage companies and their websites to find what they're looking for in an industry this big - so when you invest time into making a website clear, easy-to-use, and visually appealing, visitors will have a better experience at your location as well!

Ideas for an easy to use website include :

Information is key:

The site should be updated with latest information and high quality photos of your facility, this allows potential customers to really see what your self storage facility is really like and gives you an opportunity to show off your facility through the power of imagery.

Streamline the payment process:

Invest in an online reservation system to streamline the process of booking units, this allows for a simplified booking process for customers. Allowing customers to see the prices for different sized units in advance will help provide them with as much information as possible for them to make a final decision, after all, information is key!

Be accessible:

Provide a contact form or email address where potential customers can ask questions about pricing, availability and more before they make their decision. This way if a customer has any queries they can easily have them answered. Being approachable creates a friendly appeal and will make customers more likely to visit and use your site.

Ensure you include all directions on your website, including maps and simplistic driving instructions to allow accessibility as easy as possible. Hiding your company address or not including directions can deter customers, especially those from out of town.

Make it local:

Create different pages for locations and each location should have the same information about that specific place. It is important to make your site as detailed as possible; this way customers can see all of their options before making a decision.

Keep it updated:

Check your website on a regular basis, ensuring everything is working as it should, and that it is as streamlined as possible for customers to use.

Final thoughts

In this post, we've discussed how important it is to have a up-to-date, easy to use website for your self storage facility and the benefits that come with having one. We hope you found some helpful tips in here on what to include or not include on your site as well as ways you can make sure people know about your facility.

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