Union Realtime is excited to announce that it has partnered with Andover Properties to launch the network of store-level occupancy data on Union Realtime’s Radius platform. Andover Properties is leading the initiative by providing current and historical store-level monthly occupancy at all its Storage King USA facilities. We expect several other operators to join the network in the coming weeks to accelerate the breadth of the data set.

The network is designed to encourage participation by allowing users to view and analyze the occupancy data set only if they are also sharing. This opt-in structure provides the incentive to participate while at the same time preventing free riders.

“Occupancy data will help us and our competitors make informed decisions, which leads to better performance and higher revenues. Today is a major step in changing the industry for the better by providing the right incentives for operators like ourselves to share occupancy.” Brian Cohen, president, Andover Properties

“There are a large number of industry leaders like Andover Properties that recognize the importance of sharing occupancy,” said Cory Sylvester, principal at Union Realtime. “By creating this opt-in network, we can now enable the sharing of occupancy data with other like-minded operators.”

Operators that would like to participate in the network should reach out to Cory Sylvester for on-boarding.

James de Gorter

James co-founded Radius+ alongside partners Adam and Cory, in 2016. James previously spent eight years on Wall Street investing in tech companies for firms including Royal Bank of Canada. With Radius, the task is similar: discover and communicate actionable insights for clients. When he's away from the numbers James enjoys family time, golf, and his status as reigning NKF Ping Pong Champion.