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23 Feb 2021

You'll Want to Check Out this 2020 Self Storage Facility Winner


Jonathan Eakin

Cheif Creative Officer

The 2020 Self Storage Facility Winner.

Let's go on a journey real quick...

Let's say that you're a chiropractor living in Georgia and want to build your very own self storage facility. You assemble some partners and immediately join forces with Universal Storage Group who hits the ground running to help build and brand your new facility.

The city you want to build in has various strict zoning regulations, but not to worry, you find a parcel of land just outside of city lines!

You begin development only to realize your future storage facility is sitting on top of boulders and bedrock that need to be blasted. While playing with dynamite, mother nature dishes out 6 months of historic-level rainfall. Next, the city won't let you join their septic system and want you to build your own. Then they realize that given the parcel's positioning, you must build and fund an acceleration and deceleration lane by hauling in acres of soil to build an embankment.

Oh, and then the entire world finds itself in a global pandemic. What do you do?!

Well, this story is about Brickhouse Self Storage in Senoia Georgia. In just a few years after development, that facility was selected by Mini Storage Messenger as the 2020 self storage facility of the year 🤯.

Our curiousity at Radius+ officially piqued and we set out to Brickhouse Self Storage to find out. Of the nearly 50,000 self storage facilities in the United States of America, what makes this one so special? And HOW did they overcome those developmental hurdles?

Click on the thumbnail above to watch the trailer. Be on the lookout for the full journey of this facility out soon.

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